Container carriers

Hook lifts/ Hook containers loader

The basic idea behind the demountable equipment is that a truck can perform a variety of tasks using different body and container. Detachable Container System, with the hook lifting, cable lifting and dump bins, have become a high priority due to their high reliability and productivity in the global market. By wide selection functions they meet all needs of all customers. We are supplier of these hook lifts brands: TAM, CAYVOL, CTS, MULTILIFT, HYVA, KOVEX, CSAO

Skip lifts / Arm containers loader

Dump trucks are specially designed to ensure a fast turnaround service. Their ability to move the container horizontally and over obstacles offers this container carrier a fast and effective solution. The fact that skip loader takes up little space at work and, together with its compatibility, is very suitable for working in the cities. We are the exclusive dealer of CAYVOL.

BDF exchange systems.

BDF exchange systems used in transport for many years. This is a container exchange system type C715, C745, C782 manufactured according to DIN - EN 283 and 284. Container carriers are supplied with modern hydraulic gripping and locking device for superstructure or container.

Exchange superstructures are manufactured for each type of transportation in various designs:

  • open platform superstructure
  • closed platform superstructure
  • box superstructures
  • Tippers
  • Tanks
  • Road maintenance