Hydraulic cranes

Hydraulic cranes

We supply a large selection of cranes with a lifting capacity of 2 up to 90 tm. We offer all types of assembly: behind the vehicle cabin, on the car body, the container, semi-trailer semi-trailer and the rear assembly. From hydraulic cranes offer a wide range of accessories: Hydraulic grapple, basket, cross-load traverses, pallet fork, etc. We are the exclusive dealer of PM in the Slovak market.

Solutions for Forestry

We offer specialized hydraulic cranes for the forestry sector, which are intended directly for woodworking. We are an exclusive dealer of the LIV company in the Slovak market, and we also offer hydraulic cranes from Epsilon. Forestry cranes are used at the beginning of wood processing - in the chain of extraction and transport of long wood. The product range includes robust cranes on the vehicles for the transport of long timber, variety of wood grapple types, timber loading cranes for timber transport, etc.

Solutions for Metal Recycling

We supply a wide range of hydraulic cranes in the recycling sector. We offer the cranes from the companies TAJFUN-LIV and EPSILON, which are among the leading manufacturers in this field. We offer every gripper size - from small to the largest industrial grippers and you will surely find the right size for every crane application.